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Are you looking for Christian music, with guitar chords that work with the keyboard sheet music?  Wouldn’t it be nice to use arrangements that allow guitarists to express themselves rhythmically, at the same time your keyboardists play as harmonically complex as they’d like?

Take the guesswork out of worship team harmonies!

Ever have the melody in a Christian worship song extending a “D” while you’re playing a “C” chord?  Do your tenors enjoy trying to sing an “E” or a “C” right next to the “D”? Isn’t that fun?? With these pre-written harmonies, you can be sure that your end result will sound good every time and for each grouping of singers in your teams. Your singers will appreciate having some clear direction, especially on difficult passages where harmonies aren’t obvious. You may have some singers who have an easy time with picking out their harmonies. They can use these harmonies as a guide to their own.

And what happens when you want to transpose up your favorite Christian songs? What happens to that poor baritone who’s filling in as tenor, when he’s confronted with singing a “G” all of a sudden?

Our multiple-key Lead Sheets for keyboard are vocal-range friendly. The arrangements in higher keys shift tenor and alto to a different range. By using them you’re helping your singers grow as a group, whatever the melody’s range happens to be.

So what's your experience?

Have you ever puzzled about whether your guitarists should be faithfully playing every chord in a Christian song, as written in detailed sheet music or a fully transcribed lead sheet? Or do your keyboardists dutifully “dumb down” the arrangements because your guitarists can’t keep up a good rhythmic feel when they have so many chord changes? With our Worship Packages we’ve solved those problems for you!

What you'll receive in each Worship Package...

1) Written music in three-part harmony for your Christian worship team, bass note indications for the bass guitar, and chords for the keyboard in the Lead Sheets;
2) a range of key choices for guitarists in the Lyrics & Chords for Guitar, with or without using a capo; 
Lyrics Sheets that you can easily copy into your own projection format; and...
the song as originally recorded by the composers themselves.

Preview a demo Lead Sheet and Lyrics & Chords sheet.

The Lyrics & Chords for Guitar can serve a dual purpose in your Christian worship services. If you have less experience on guitar, you can use them in their open-fretted keys, along with a capo to play in the original key.  If you're a more experienced guitarist, you can use the tabs as a guide to play in the original key, without having to work through all the chord changes of the keyboard music. Either way, now you can put your focus more on the song’s rhythmic features, instead of grappling with constant chord changes.

You’ll see it at a glance…

The Lyrics & Chords for Guitar are simplified arrangements of the Christian music as it appears on the keyboard Lead Sheets pages.  We’ve scored them with special attention to guitarists in open keys, and with capo indications for each key change you would like to use.  Use the original key from the Lead Sheets for keyboard and keep the same harmonic flow without having to play every chord of the keyboard sheet music.

WorshipToonz Worship Packages available

Your Christian worship keyboardists will appreciate how we’ve edited the music’s harmonies for an easier rhythmic flow on guitar, without compromising their ability to the more complete harmonies in the keyboard and worship team Lead Sheets. Your keyboardists and bass guitarist will play from the worship team Lead Sheets, your guitarists from the Lyrics & Chords.  You won’t find this anywhere else!

Order some Worship Packages today!


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