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Vol. I No. 1     June 11, 2006
Dan Gardner

Quick Picks for Your Planning

With each issue you’ll receive a new Worship List, to help as a resource in your worship planning. Take a look at how these lists can save you time, freeing you to concentrate on choosing which songs will work in associated keys, how your song choices can guide the flow of worship in your service, and help bring you and your congregation deeper into His presence.
We’ve also set up an alias, so that you can go directly to the lists anytime you wish: www.worshiplists.com

What Dan has to say about Worship Lists...

Newsletter Spotlight

The most recent addition to
Our WebRing:
We frequently turn to
pwarchive.com for their clear and easily read Lyrics & Chords, often also transposable with a single key selection.

True Worshipers of God Series

Dan Gardner has been teaching on worship for decades, and with this series, he shares from his experience and study with all of us. Follow from week to week as you open yourself to add to your own depth of understanding of what true worship is. This series is for the personally committed Christian leader who constantly seeks to enter more deeply into the Holy Place, and into those wondrous glimpses of the Holy of Holies. Of course, we would all like those glimpses to move us into a deeper, steadier relationship, moment-by-moment communing with Him, discerning His will and pleasure. Worship is where we start, where we live, and how we will live forever.
Session 1: Foundations of Worship
Dan Gardner

PURPOSE: In this multi-session study, we will lay a biblical foundation on the subject of worship which is crucial to every believer. Furthermore, it is our hope that out of this study, you will become more spiritually enriched as a worshiper of the Lord Jesus Christ.


In your own words, how would you define the term “worship”?

Webster’s new collegiate dictionary definition of worship:

“worthiness, repute, respect, reverence paid to a divine being.”

Merriam - Webster dictionary lists the following twelve words as either analogous words for worship or synonyms of worship:

“adore, admire, dote, esteem, exalt, love, magnify, regard,
respect, revere, reverence,
and venerate.”

The English word “worship” comes from the old English word “weorthscipe” later shortened to WORTHSHIP. It’s emphasis is on the WORTHINESS of the person (or thing) that is worshiped.

As we begin to have our eyes, understanding, and spirit open to the attributes of God, we have increased cause to worship Him, desiring to become like Him (want to be like that which we worship). His knowledge, wisdom, power, righteousness, holiness, faithfulness, grace, mercy, loving-kindness, love, justice, truth, all cause us to value His WORTHINESS.

These phrases help to further clarify the term “worship” to us:
(These phrases will be supported Biblically as we explore the scriptures each session.)

1. Man’s response to the NATURE and ACTION of God.

2. Man’s response to the GLORY of God.

3. Man’s response to God’s REVELATION of Himself. Worship centers on a person, the Lord.
We can only worship the Lord out of our REVELATION of Him.

4. Worship is GIVING to God the glory, praise, honor, and thanks due Him, both for who He is and for what He has done.

5. Worship is an EXPRESSION of a heart response and attitude towards the Lord. Worship is a verb of the heart and must combine ACTION with intent.

6. True, pure worship flows out of a HEART of a worshiper, which denotes a LIFESTYLE , not just an experience.

7. Worship is to be expressed INDIVIDUALLY in the life of the believer, and CORPORATELY as a body of believers.

to be continued…

Download of the Month

Have you ever noticed how the worship songs we use go in cycles? Some are sung constantly for months, even years. They fade, but after some time they “creep” back in and gain their place among the most respected.

Our Download of the Month is in this category. If it’s been a few years since you’ve used this worship song in your service... with this link you’ll be able to download the package FREE: a Windows Media audio file, Lead Sheets in F, G, and A for 3-part Worship Team, Lyrics & Chords for Guitar in D, G, and A, and a Lyrics Sheet for your convenience. This download will be available through the month of June.

Download the package: My Life Is In You

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