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Marty Kendall: ShareSong.org Vol. I No. 14 Dec. 18, 2006

Marty's vision for ShareSong.org is shared by Christian musician and webmaster Russ Reese of FreePraiseAndWorship.org. The two sites share the same database of currently over 3,900 worship songs. While all songs on the sites are free to download for personal use, the sites encourage any church use to be under a CCLI license. The composer has the potential of gaining royalties through CCLI on songs made available on the internet for free. A user rating system helps to identify the higher quality music amidst the many offerings. On FreePraiseAndWorship.org a Type field is included to further classify songs according to possible use, which may make it possible in the future to search for songs by occasion or use specifically.

If you've written any worship songs yourself, and haven't distributed them beyond your own use, consider contacting one of the above sites to post your music. Those posted on one will also appear on the other.

Marty Kendall

    Quick Picks for Your Planning

Each week WorshipToonz posts a new QuickPicks Worship List, one of the ways we try to help you in your worship music planning. Below is our current list, from Zion Christian Church in Troy, MI. See other lists for download on this page at WorshipToonz.

List of the Week, December 17, 2006

tab F Let Everything That Has Breath Matt Redman 2430979
tab Bb,C Mighty Is Our God Eugene Greco/
Gerrit Gustafson/Don Moen
tab C Great and Mighty Is He

Todd Pettygrove

tab C Ancient of Days Jamie Harvill/
Gary Sadler
tab C Great Is Thy Faithfulness Thomas Chisholm/
William Runyan
tab D The Wonderful Cross Jesse Reeves/Chris Tomlin/
J.D. Walt/Isaac Watts
tab D I Exalt Thee Pete Sanchez, Jr. 17803

For your convenience,
you can download this list.

Site Spotlight

One site featured in the Songwriting Resources area on Christian Songwriter's Network has a number of helpful articles on songwriting and home recording. Certainly not exhaustive, but a helpful outline of necessary as well as complementary info on the subjects. Even if you've been involved in recording for years, there's probably a few tidbits of knowledge you can gain from these articles.

Go there...

     True Worshipers of God Series

This is another installment of Pastor Dan Gardner's series, True Worshipers of God. For this complete series on audio, go to WorshipToonz on this page. You can also find much of Dan's music, recorded and published, on this page. Each song has its own audio and leadsheet demos.

Session 3: Priestly Ministry/
      Moses’ Tabernacle               Part 2

Dan Gardner


The Highest call to the priesthood was that of the High Priest, who would, once a year, , enter the Holy of Holies with the blood, and with great awe stand before the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant was the only piece of furniture in the Holy of Holies. The Ark of the Covenant was not a type, symbol, or picture; it was God himself. Until Jesus, the Ark was God manifest to Israel. The Ark was the place of deep, intimate communion and fellowship with God. One man alone with God in His power, presence and glory.

The Tables of Stone, Pot of Manna, and Aaron’s Rod that were all in the Ark are seen in Christ who is our holiness/righteousness, the Word of God, and the Anointed One; through Him, we touch the very power, presence, and glory of God.

Exodus 25:18,22
“And thou shalt make two cherubims of gold, of beaten work shalt thou make them, in the two ends of the mercy seat…And there I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat."

“Come into the Holy of Holies, enter by the blood of the Lamb,
come into His presence with singing, worship at the throne of God…
lifting holy hands to the King of Kings. Worship Jesus. Worship Jesus.” John Sellers

We have learned that because of a New Testament priestly ministry, the Old Testament system of sacrifice is no longer active. Our sacrifice of praise is confessing, exalting, calling to remembrance the greatness of the One who offered the Final Sacrifice, Jesus Christ. We also find that we are to offer “ourselves” as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God. A sacrifice costs something. What are these seven spiritual sacrifices?

SEVEN SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES - I Peter 2:5, II Samuel 24:24, Psalm 54:6

  1. Thanksgiving -  Psalm 107:22, Ephesians 5:20, Psalm 116:17,
    I Thessalonians 5:18

  2. Praise - Jeremiah 33:11, Hebrews 13:15
  3. Joy - Psalm 27:6, Isaiah 61:3
  4. Repentance - Psalm 51:17, Hebrews 4:6, Psalm 40:6 (look up “contrite”)
  5. Righteousness - Psalm 51:19, Romans 8:4, Psalm 4:5
  6. Good Works - Hebrews 13:16
  7. Obedience - Romans 12:1

    Download of the Month

The Package for download this month caters to guitarists among our readers. It includes mp3 demos of seven guitar arrangements of Christmas carols. If you can read notation, tablature, or both, use these midi demos to guide you if you've decided to work through these settings of some well-known carols.

Go to the following web address to pick up this month's download:

http://www.worshiptoonz.com/#zip file

Christmas Arrangements

We now have eight carols arranged for guitar. They vary from very easy to moderate intermediate levels. Five Christmas (baroque-style) brass and orchestral arrangements are also available on the page.

At WorshipToonz we pray you have a blessed and holy Christmas with family and friends, and a New Year of growing further in the Lord's will and blessings!


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