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TR Smith
Christian Artist, Composer,
Music Minister

With their new CD, Persuaded, TR Smith and the Sacred Music Boys have again moved ahead of previous offerings. With styles from soft ballad to driving rock, with genuine jazz and early-60s retro, Persuaded is still knit together by the common theme of a man discovering his need for God and moving through the various stages of coming to know Him and realizing his own purpose. With dazzling keyboard artistry and impressive lyrics, Persuaded is a recording to buy and listen to again and again!



Besides having written all songs on Persuaded, TR Smith is lead vocalist and keyboardist, adding a Hammond B3, harmonica and accordian to the mix. He is a gifted songwriter and has ministered in music for over two decades. Persuaded is his sixth CD. His music is sung in many churches throughout North America.

Guitarist Robert Tye studied classical guitar under the legendary Joe Fava, from whom he began to receive jazz technique and new ideas. He is very versatile in stringed instruments, having mastered all the various types of guitars, as well as the banjo, dobro and mandolin. He is currently the resident guitarist for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Robert has recorded his own album, Virtues of the Well, which can be found on CDUniverse.

Guitarist and vocalist Michael King is also the producer of this recording. Michael also performs solo and with his band locally in the Detroit area, where he is well-known and respected in the music community. He has released two CDs. His contributions to this CD as producer, engineer and musician are invaluable.

James Simonson, electric bass, has played for a number of jazz venues in the Detroit area, and is a member of the well-known and respected group, The Brothers Groove.

On drums and percussion, David Taylor displays his mastery of style as he effortlessly moves from one genre to another. Among his other activities, he currently teaches drums and percussion at Wayne State University in Detroit.

On background vocals, Gia Warner and Greg C. Brown add incredible energy and vocal support to an already strong and cohesive team.


The quality musicianship, genuine spirit, and Tim's passion for the message of this CD all show through and blend together for a phenomenal recording. See the song titles below to listen for yourself.

PERSUADED - Songs in the Cycle
(Click on titles for audio clips.)

1. Something Gotta Go (4:01)
Trapped and hemmed in, nowhere to go... Sometimes it takes falling to the bottom before we decide to look up, and see where our hope lies.
2. Empty Me (4:00)
Ready now to surrender, after all other options are clearly seen to be empty, he now sees his sinful state as God sees it, and opens himself to complete surrender to God's purging.
3. Leave It All To You (3:22)
Still fully surrendered to God, he begins to see as God sees, and experiences new revelations all around him. There is still much more to be changed within, but it's happening, and there's cause for joy!
The early 60s retro feel of this song would sound trite with most other groups, but here it's so well done and so genuinely idiomatic that instead the song becomes a refreshing visit to an earlier era.
4. In My Heart and In My Tears (4:42)
A very personal and touching song. Tim lost his brother a few years ago. Danny was known for his love of guitar. I had the privilege of playing guitar for his funeral. Tim played O Danny Boy as a meditation.
5. Cast Your Net (5:23)
Time to spread the Word: Now that God has put him on a growing path toward Him, he casts his net to show the way to others.
6. God Never Changes (3:21)
God is the same for you as He is for me. He will do for you what He's done for me. His Word and His promises don't change.
The group shows its mastery in the jazz idiom.
7. I Keep My Eyes On You (3:43)
The only sure way to go through life is keeping eyes fixed on the One who doesn't change. Too easy to go with the flow. Only a steady gaze on Jesus will keep us moving steadily ahead.
8. Persuaded (4:09)
In the midst of temptations, trials, disappointments, we have the Scriptures to declare and remind ourselves of our decision, God's faithfulness, and our resolution to stand firm in the knowledge that "all things work for good..."
The title song, Romans 8 on steroids.
9. Thief in the Night (4:32)
The flesh sometimes wins, but God doesn't let us go. We turn again to Him for renewed hope and resolute purpose. Never fully knowing God's plans for us, we can be sure He'll do all He can to keep us. An enigmatic song, with a double meaning.
10. Tell It Out (3:36)
Teaching others to spread the Word, inspiring others with the basic message of His Son sent for you.
11. Give Me Ears To Listen (3:32)
His daily prayer, and could be ours as well. God's ears to listen, His eyes to see, His words to speak, "and show Your face to me."
TR voice and piano solo, a modern hymn for our day.
12. Blessed Assurance (5:01)
The well-loved hymn in a fresh new setting, closing with worship. A life lived in the Lord IS a life of worship.

All songs written by Timothy R. Smith.
Blessed Assurance: lyrics by Fanny Crosby.

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